Dewing Lights

 What started as a "small lighting project" back in 1993 with the kids has blossomed into a large scale lighting display including over 25,000 lights controlled by 128 Lightorama channels.


Our display has one very simple goal: that every child that drives up enjoys what we have done. Although adults will enjoy the variety of music and the synchronization, nothing is more important than seeing kids standing out front pointing out their favorite element of our display.


Each song is designed and synchronized to the 1/10 of a second on 128 channels. This means that EACH song requires almost 25,000 programmed cells. Programming a song takes about 3 to 4 hours of time per minute of song!


The displays and lights are planned out in early January and the rest of the year is spent preparing for the following year.


In 2013 we have added several more elements: our Manger scene has been isolated and allows us to use white lights with it to present Christ based songs independent of "Santa" type elements. We also have added several channels. This allows us to swap colors and make songs more entertaining.


In the end, all this work is an act of love. We love Christmas and what it stands for. This is our gift to you. Drive by as often as you like and enjoy it!

the lights